1- Can the student use the university’s health center?

Yes, the students accepted to the program can benefit from our university’s health center free of charge. In case of serious health problems the student will be transported to a hospital. Those costs belong to the student. This is why students accepted to the program are expected to have a medical insurance.

2- When will the project choices be announced?

Project choices will be announced once the applications are open.

3- Will the student receive a certificate?

Yes, all students who complete the program within the given time limit will receive a participation certificate.

4- Does the student need to know English?

Yes, the students accepted to the program must be fluent in English since the KUSRP’s language is English. However, we do not require an examination certificate which shows the student’s level.

5- Are there any requirements for the projects?

Yes, the requirements will be announced along with the projects.

6- Who should the student get his/her recommendation letter from?

The student can get their recommendation letters from any 2 teachers/professors of their choice.

7- Is there a program fee?

No, KUSRP is a free program. The student can also stay in the university’s dormitory (1/4) free of charge. The transportation and dining costs belong to the student.

8- When can the student know if he/she is accepted?

The application status will be announced in May.

9- Can the student complete the program in less than the specified time?

The program is 4 weeks long for highschool students. They have to complete all 4 weeks. The minimum time for undergraduates is 6 weeks.

10- Can the student apply to the program if he/she is in 8th grade/prep-school?

No, the student must at least complete 9th grade.

11- If the student has a sister/brother/guest, can they also stay on campus during the program?

No, the dormitories are only available for the students accepted to the program.

12- What should the student bring to the campus?

The student can bring his/her personal computer and personal care products (shampoo, shower gel, tooth brush/paste, towels, bathrobe…). The sheets and pillows are provided by the Housing.